Hello world!

19th March 2020

My business model and my lifestyle are strongly established on personal and human connections, and above all on handshakes and as such unusual stop affected our lives so unexpectedly I decided to start again writing and sharing my thoughts here in my blog. This English section is devoted to my friends all over the world in order to reach them virtually without any language barrier

Whom who know me remember that I have said many times in these last weeks that this was “a flue”, maybe a bad one, but just a flue, like many we have every winter, and that there were no reasons to have such an alarm as the one which was mounting all around.

Reading figures in Italy tonight I admit I was wrong, also seeing the alarm which the Covid-19 is creating. It is a very dangerous Virus, first of all because we do not have as yet a medicine able to cure the disease, not mentioning a possible vaccination. In these circumstances there is a logic in applying what most countries are now, keep people distant each other, so to reduce the possible contagion, specially because we do not have enough capacity in Hospitals to treat infected people.

In a world where, and this is worrying me even more, the effects of this crisis could bring even worse evolutions on the social system, due to what is happening and will happen to jobs and economies. Very dangerous evolution for Italy and for the European Union, which I really hope will now be able to take very strong measures to help its adherent countries get out of this mess.

I repeated many times in these days “Time will tell” and I repeat it tonight, but I also repeat that #Iamnotscared, because scare destroys and leave no hope, the conscience makes us to think, work and help us and others to get rid of this bad moment.