Life is now

3 maggio 2020

Today I am back, with a song (Sorry my English speaking friends, it’s in Italian). . The title is “La Vita è adesso”, we could translate it in “Life is now”. Listen to it, if you like.
I am back after one a half month since my last Port on this Blog. I was saying that I realized how I have been too optimistic in underestimating Covid-19 seeing the death toll it was having. One and half month during which we have been in lockdown in our homes, accepting the imposition and hoping to see improvements. The Death toll in Italy has been high, as well as in some other countries, but it is now evident that the effects of the Virus are very different in between cities, or areas, even in the same country. It is clear that if we go in depth we see that in Retirement Houses, or Hospitals or areas more crowded something worse happened, maybe something wrong happened. Many people who lost their lives were already suffering from other diseases. What we can all see now are the collateral effects of the lockdowns and of the total stop which was imposed to the World. Our economies are heavily suffering, people are struggling to survive, social riots are just behind the corner.
Was it the right choice? Wasn’t it better to take different actions, take all best measures to protect the weaker people, but leave others to live a most possible normal life, so to avoid to fall where we are now? I cannot and I do not want to judge, I am not a Doctor, nor a Politician, I am a simple Citizen who believes that enormous damages have been caused. After having terrified millions of people how will it be possible now to convince them, with the Virus which will not disappear (I doubt a real Vaccine will ever be found, just think about AIDS), that as humanity have been able to survive many huge storms, we will learn to live also with this Virus avoiding all the many absurdities we have seen in last couple of months, or which are being studied or planned for the coming months or years?
I was saying this two months ago, I repeat it now: #Iamnotscared. Let’s try to think the same as many as possible: whom who takes care dies, in any case, once; whom who are scared, die every day. And whom who do not live wastes the most important of all: the life. We must remember: LIFE IS NOW. (Image credit Quicksilver Boats / CC BY-SA (