Shipping gender gap

8 maggio 2020

Let’s go back talking about Shipping, eventually. About whom who work in Shipping, a male oriented activity. In Italy people are discussing on fixing by law the percentage of women to seat in Parliament, so to grant more presence and visibility to Women, but I do not think that can be the right way. In my experiences I had many colleagues and always tried to find people who were better than me, better educated and performing, seen that one can only learn from whom who are better than yourself. I had many men as colleagues, and only a few women, which is a pity, because the capacities and will I found in women have almost been higher than what I had by men. Going in depth, Shipping, which is a typical male job, is an industry where women can give their best, not only for their skills, but also thanks to will to compete in an unfavourable position. In my Italian Company there are three people in key operation roles, two out of them are women, coming from away Genoa after leaving their families. As an entrepreneur I am happy for this, to demonstrate the will of the Company to grow and enlarge its presence in the Shipping world. I would like to have other colleagues vision on this, others’ experiences can always be interesting.